Channel 4: Project Leopard

UX Designer 2013 - 2014

Hired as part of bespoke temporary team to redesign a web based application for Ad sales. A highly complex project with many inter relational elements that affect Channel 4’s Ad Deals, Campaigns, Targets and Forecasts.

By taking an active role in the UX design for a huge £24m project, modernising and future proofing the current system which is over 10 years old. Within the team I worked closely with Business analysts, System analysts, developers and testers, We designed the user experience from requirements gathering session with the end user and from the results of user testing. From there I designed the user journey diagrams to proof the flow. Then I would design the wireframes and interactions with Axure or InDesign and finally write detailed specification for the offshore team.

Requirements gathering

Working closely with System Analyst and Business Analysts we studied how the users interacted with the existing system.

We would organise workshop where we can ask further questions into what the system does as well as conducting some contextual user research to find any user pain points as well as any good points that must not be missed.

User Journeys

Once we have the requirments from users and from understanding the current system, I designed the user journeys using Axure.

User Journeys represents a scenario in which a user might interact with the system. It is design the show; where the user interactions are; how the system acts and how many screen interactions are nescessary to complete the task.

System flows

A more detailed view of how the system works from the system perspective.

Using Axure to draw these diagrams, they were essential to help developers understand how the system worked


Using either Axure, Illustrator or InDesign I designed the layouts for each of the neccessary screens. Annotating each element of the design as I go along.


Once the wireframes were at a stage where we where happy with them, I would create a prototype using Axure. This is primerily used to allow the end users an insight into how the screen would look & behave.

The prototypes often triggered further conversations with the end users and peers and we often spotted improvements which we could make to the design.


Once we had sign-off on all the designs, I would write a details specification for the designs.

Using Confluence, the specifiactions would inclulde short paragraph for the purpose of the screen, the wireframes and short descriptions per wireframe, links to the prototype and interaction ideas.