Web designer 1996 - 2009

Web Designer 1995 - 2009

For the first 14 years of my career I have seen the web grow from the framed boxy designs of the mid ninties to the dynamic flowing creations we have today. Until my son arrived it was the most facinating developments I have witnessed.

I do consider myself lucky to have stood the test of time, the funny side is I often am in the minority of those who remember the net as it was then.

As my career progressed I worked many large media corporating such as; News International, MTV, Discovery Channel and Channel 4. I have also worked for large financial companies including Fidelity Investments, Norwich Union which then became Aviva.

I have comforatble working both Client side as well as Agency, having worked for Systemminds and TBWA.


Senior Designer (Contract)

A short three month contract working primarily on microsites and email newsletter for all EA games. This involved using game illustrations and assets to design the emails.
Each email was carefully crafted to represent the game for which they were intended.

Systemminds / Fusion

Senior Designer

Responsible for design pitches, building website with Flash, HTML and CSS. I would communicate with our clients, often working off-site at the client office to be sure that all requirements were understood. Then, once I was ready to start designing I worked closely with the Information Architects, developers to produce the mocks and final designs.

Clients included, UEFA Champions League, Coca Cola, Mini, Fruit of the Loom, Norwich Union / Aviva and Specsavers

Discovery Channel

Senior Designer (contract)

I was with Discovery for almost a year, and during this time I work extensivly on their microsites, creating layouts,flash animations and banners. I worked on some big name shows, such as Bear Grills and Mythbusters to name two.

While I was there, I was also on the board of a requirtments gathering team which included stakeholders. Our purpose was to identify the requirements for a new and advanced website and hwo we can engage users more proactivly.


Senior Designer

I spent almost 5 years at MTV and as the Senior Designer, I was responsible for the creative style of many MTV International websites. Visual appeal and functionality whilst ensuring MTV branding was essential, that the MTV flair was ever present. Responsible for the design and build of numerous microsites, sub pages, banners and flash animations for the MTV Channel website.

Yogis Adventure

Flash animation

Creation of a Flash cartoon to encourage kids to attend school. This involved lipsyncing an animation of the Queen Ant to a recorded speech in which she directly addressed the kids at a general assembly. This animation was shown as part of a presentation involving the Mayor of Manchester.